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Life is what you make it

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Guatemala City. I have this huge window in my room. I can see the light of the city while fog settles in over it. There’s also some really cool lightning—but the best part is that I have air conditioning. This was a tiring day, where not much went right. I promised myself a year ago today that I wouldn’t spend this day, every year, moping like I did the first time around. That time, I laid in my bed, didn’t change out of my clothes, probably didn’t even brush my teeth. I thought about it every minute of the day as it started. Like you do when someone dies, it takes time to stop your mind from going back to that place so frequently.

Two years ago on this day, I married the wrong person. I married the proverbial square peg to my round hole—lolololol hole. My life has changed exponentially from that day. In fact, that moment of my life changed everything ahead of it. As a young person, I put a great deal of weight behind what it meant to be married, what it meant to give your all to another person, and to commit to them for the rest of your life. I believed in love at first sight, and that everyone had a true love waiting for them. You just had to look hard enough. I thought that love was work, but that all you needed was a strong bond and everything else would work itself out. I believed that people were inherently honest, and that they always had the best intentions for every person in their life. I thought that my person was standing in front of me, and the people we loved, to commit to me and our life together.

Now I am single. It turns out not everyone is inherently honest or has the best intentions. But, life is what you make it. When the negative outweighs the positive it’s your responsibility to find the good. Today was a great example of that, let me give you the run down.

I had planned to leave at 7:30 am. My car was blocked in by someone who double parked and of course I was at a surf lodge—The parking offender was surfing.

As I was figuring out my car situation, a woman who was staying there as well, missed her shuttle and I offered her a ride to Atitlan. I wanted to see it before leaving. Though my car was still stuck.

Around 8:45 am someone came to move the car.

As we hit the sand road out of El Paredon, there was construction. You see, it’s pretty difficult to drive in sand. We waited another 30 minutes for our turn to drive though the construction.

Once we started driving through the sand I explained to Nina—My new friend—that we had to really accelerate if we were going to make it through the sand. Guess what? We got stuck in the sand.

THEN, These Guatemalan Army dudes came to dig us out, I was in my Birkenstocks. And of course—no habla espanol. Nina does though, she’s the best. They were pushing and digging and after about 4 tries we were moving again.


We stopped quick for a celebratory Coke when we hit pavement. We were both thankful that it would be smooth sailing from now on.

Then Google maps took us on a 30 KM dirt road—Keep in mind I was driving a Toyota something…the non offroad kind obviously. So, we had to take that slow. I started to panic around 15 KM when I lost cell phone service and there were no people around. I had visions of us breaking down, and Nina hating my American guts for the rest of her life.

We both laughed and talked and made the best of it.

Then we got an even slower pace when a dude was hearding his Cows in the road. Good God.


When we finally hit pavement again it was honestly better than sex for me. Couldn’t say about Nina HA!

Then who the fuck knows where google maps was going to take us I just typed in Atitlan. We ended up in some bustling metropolis where street food looked less than delicious but I was starving.


This is where Nina and I parted ways. Rather than spending a day at the lake as planned I hopped back into my car to continue on to Guatemala City—2.5 more hours.

The first 1.5 hours were good ole Colorado switchbacks.

Realized I had to pee but there’s no place to stop AT ALL.

Drove my car through a river—this Toyota something is sturdy.

Tried to douse my sorrows in a tinder hook up—He was too pushy for nudes while I was LITERALLY DRIVING IN GUATEMALA. K.

Took 7 wrong turns and ended up at my cushy hotel 5 hours later.

You know what today was? It was a new friend, a good story, and an adventure I will never have again. I drove through the mountains of Guatemala, met a lovely human being with a good heart and an adventurous spirit, saw Lake Atitlan, had some dank street food, and made it safely to Guatemala City for my last night.

My life is being divorced by 24, losing a parent, not getting accepted to grad school, having a hard time at work, and taking a paycut. But it’s also being free from dishonesty, deeply loving the people around me, enjoying travels and adventures, having some dope side hustles, telling great stories, and shining my bright ass light.