What I'm reading


Leave a cheater gain a life

This book was a lifesaver. If you know anyone who has been cheated on, or has shared a similar experience with you about cheating, this is the book you need to buy them. You need to force them to read it. 

If you are experiencing these issues with your partner, I'm sorry. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it starts here. 

If you've already read it, you can read more from Chump Lady AKA Tracy Schorn on her blog!



I recently did a social media book exchange where I got a random strangers favorite book and WOW, it was fun! I think I was late to the game on this one, but I'm glad I read it.

It was a great reminder that we can't change the cards we are dealt, we have to play the hand.  If you're not into reading books you can watch the Last Lecture too. So there are no excuses ya lazy piles.


sober stick figure

This book was actually one of my all time favorites. I recommend it to everyone. Even if you aren’t suffering from an addiction it can be extremely relatable at times.It also made me laugh so hard I cried, multiple times. Which not many books can do.

Amber is so very candid about her journey and realizing she is an alcoholic. She doesn’t shy away from the gory details—like having to chuck a bag of pee out her window. Her consistent humor is what makes it for me.


girl, wash your face

I didn’t know who Rachel Hollis was before I read this book. I’m not sure if that affected the outcome of my read, but before you read it it’s good to have some context on her!

Overall this book was a reminder that your mindset has a HUGE impact on your success. If you don’t think you’re good enough, you never will be.

It’s a great read if you need a quick reminder that you can do this.


The Love Gap

This was a suggestion from a new friend. As I entered the "dating" scene (if you can call it that) I was shocked by how many people ghost you. 

I had the ultimate ghosting experience from someone I had an immediate connection with. I've had men I connect with over the phone or via text that have said we shouldn't meet because they like me too much. 

The Love Gap helps the EG (End Goal Woman) level the playing field and understand some of the quirks men have. 



This one is the definition of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover". Beck writes about experience as a White House Steno. She learns about Love, and how Lust can ruin self confidence. 

This one will have you saying "BECK GET IT TOGETHER" while also saying "Girl I feel you. 



This was a whirlwind read for me. Tara Westover tells the story of her upbringing with a family that lives “Off the grid”. Meaning they never went to public school, visited a doctor, or interacted with the government.

Her father was plagued by fear, and that fear shaped how Tara, her mother, and her siblings viewed the world outside.

It eventually led to Tara’s excommunication from her family. This is a must read.


No Happy Endings

Anything Nora writes pretty much speaks to my soul. The reason I enjoyed this read is because it reinforces that your painful experience will not affect the outcome of your future happiness.

Yes you have pain, yes you have hurt, you have loved people. But love is an endless commodity. You’ll have happy endings all while embracing the shit that comes your way.


You are a badass

I read this on my solo trip to Mexico. It's full of common sense reasons why you can just do all the shit you want to do. 

For me, it reinforced that success is a choice. 

Self Help books are in ya'll. If you haven't read this one the time is now.

all the poetry r.h. sin writes

It feels like so many of these poems were written for me. I've ear marked pages, I've shared them, I've even had the words tattooed on my skin. 

Heartbreak is raw, but owning your power and self worth is how you get through it. 



Contrary to popular belief, a lot of times you just shouldn’t give a fuck so much. I’m not done with this one yet (my dog ate a couple pages). But from what I’ve gathered it’s basically that allowing fear and worry into your life about the little things will not help you live a better more fulfilling life.


Drunk Mom

Now, I’m not an alcoholic but for some reason I love reading memoirs about self control. Learning self control, realizing there are no short cuts.

This book is raw and shares experiences that are completely foreign to me whether it be about motherhood, or alcoholism.