Fuck the resolution. I’m going with expectations this year. To me, an expectation is so much stronger, and holds me accountable. The concept of a resolution at this point has been deflated. Every year people make resolutions to lose weight, eat better, not drink blah blah blah. And typically, it only takes three weeks or less to decide your resolution doesn’t mean shit to you. Resolution is the decision to do or not to do something. Expectation is a belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. Expectation implies that I have to achieve it. It has the implication of success, and that’s what I’m most interested in.

Day one of 2019 spent on an adventure, even though I was hungover.

Day one of 2019 spent on an adventure, even though I was hungover.

My expectations for the year are lofty, but worth my time. I have been taught in my professional life that writing your goals down gives you a much higher probability of success. My mentor when I started at iHeart encouraged our team to write out our goals with intention. In a meeting once, he read us his goals written down from 10 years ago. Each and every one of those goals he read off to us were achieved. He set strong expectations for himself, and by writing them out, he made it much harder to let himself down. So, I’m going to do that with an audience! WOW! I encourage you all to try and write it out as well!

In 3 months

I’ll be 26. I’ll be working at iHeart Media and have sold my first New Business Account. I’ll continue working hard towards my goal of writing New Business and be ready to submit my aircheck to programming to work towards being on air again. I’ll be spending time outside in my garden and working on my landscaping for the upcoming summer. My back yard will become all grass and I’ll have flower beds in the front of the house. And, I will be spending more time outside than watching TV!

In 6 Months

I’ll have a book of accounts to work with and bill at iHeart Media. I’ll be on air on one of our 9 Denver Stations. I will no longer work at White House Black Market. I will plan a trip to Iceland and go to Canada with my friend! I will adventure with the dogs at least once a week and continue my plan to be outside more than inside. I’ll start working on dating seriously, but by meeting people in person.

In a Year

I will have read at least 12 books and visited two new countries. I will be focused on my career and personal life equally. One will not take a back seat to the other. I will Increase my billing by at least 10%. I will no longer have credit card debt.

In Five Years

I will be in a committed relationship with someone I trust, and love. I will not be insecure in the relationship. I will no longer have a car loan. I will be working at iHeart Media as a Sales Manager with a team of talented sales people. We will thrive at direct business and implementing creative ideas. I will own a home with a back yard, perfect for my two puppies (I won’t have three ).

You have to walk before you can run, so if I don’t achieve something in 3 months I can adjust the timeline. I have read studies that say you become more than 40% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down on a regular basis. If you share your written goals with a friend, it gets even higher! It has to do with the brain…our goals are a combination of the left and right side. Right is the imagination and left is finding the solution to completing it. When the two sides communicate they generate electrical signals that travel up and down our spinal column, thus reaching every fiber and cell in our body. If you simply think about your goals you use one side of your brain. Whereas when you write it you are taking the first steps of action toward that goal. That’s powerful. Like I’m kinda tingly. If you want to read more about it, see here!

That’s what this blog has done for me in the past year as well: writing about my life, how I want to shine, what I hope for in the future. It’s solidifying it, taking it outside of the right side of my brain and letting the action happen on the left side. Don’t just talk about your bright light, let that shit SHINE in the New Year!